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Trademarked Paint Penetrating Technology!

GLARE™ lasts for 5 years on any car, motorcycle, airplane, boat, or sporting goods like golf clubs and fishing rods. It’s the only polish that filters out ultraviolet rays from the sun, outshining any other polish worldwide. Unlike silicone, wax, or polymer-based products, GLARE™ uniquely transforms into glass.


Vehicles, Aviation, Marine & More!

What is Glassplexin®?

Glassplexin is a revolutionary and unique formulation that has transformed the world of automotive care and detailing. Developed by GLARE, a leading manufacturer of high-quality automotive products, Glassplexin stands out as an advanced technology with unmatched benefits for vehicle protection and enhancement.

What is GLARE®?

GLARE® is a trademark associated with a line of automotive detailing products known for their high-gloss finish and advanced protection properties. Developed by a company called Ultra 2000 MFG. International, GLARE® products are designed to provide an extreme wet look shine, enhance color, and offer superior reflection on vehicle surfaces. They are formulated without abrasives, which helps in preventing the trapping of paint vapors and eliminates the production of annoying polishing dust during application. GLARE® has gained recognition among professionals and enthusiasts for its quality and effectiveness in automotive care.

What makes GLARE products different from other car polishes and waxes?

GLARE products stand out due to their ability to deliver an extreme wet look shine, enriched color, and detailed reflection without using abrasives. They also do not trap paint vapors and avoid producing annoying polishing dust, which sets them apart from traditional polishes and waxes.

How does GLARE achieve such a high-gloss shine?

GLARE products achieve their high-gloss shine through advanced formulations that include specialized ingredients designed to enhance reflectivity and clarity on vehicle surfaces.

Are GLARE products safe for all types of vehicle paint finishes?

Yes, GLARE products are generally safe for all types of vehicle paint finishes, including clear coats, single-stage paints, and custom finishes. However, it’s always recommended to test the product on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility.

Do GLARE products offer long-lasting protection against environmental elements?

Yes, GLARE products are known for their long-lasting protection against environmental elements such as UV rays, oxidation, and contaminants. They help to maintain the finish and extend the life of the vehicle’s paint.

What are the application steps for using GLARE products?

The application steps for GLARE products typically involve cleaning and preparing the surface, applying the product with appropriate tools (such as microfiber applicators), allowing it to cure or buffing as instructed, and then maintaining the finish regularly.

Can GLARE products be used on other surfaces besides cars, like boats or motorcycles?

Yes, GLARE products can be used on various surfaces besides cars, including boats, motorcycles, RVs, and even household items like countertops or fiberglass surfaces.

Do GLARE products require special tools or equipment for application?

While GLARE products don’t necessarily require specialized equipment, using high-quality microfiber towels or applicators can help achieve the best results and prevent scratching.

Are there specific maintenance requirements after applying GLARE products?

Regular maintenance such as washing and occasional reapplication of GLARE products can help maintain the shine and protective benefits over time. Specific recommendations may vary based on environmental conditions and usage.

What kind of results can I expect after using GLARE products?

Users typically experience a deep, glossy finish with enhanced color depth and clarity. The surface also becomes smoother, making it easier to clean and maintain.

Where can I purchase GLARE products?

GLARE products are available for purchase through various online retailers, automotive specialty stores, and directly from authorized distributors or the manufacturer’s website. Buy products online from our shop here, or pick them up at Olivewood Auto Detailing in Toronto.


GLARE® Products Surpass Other Vehicle Polishes

After exploring countless products in the auto-polishing field, we’ve discovered that GLARE® polish stands head and shoulders above the rest. Once applied, it delivers a brighter, stronger, and longer-lasting finish compared to any other polish on the market.

We’ve now made the switch to GLARE® for all our detailing products. Day by day, we see the benefits: saving on materials, cutting down on time, and keeping our shop mess-free. Most importantly, GLARE® ensures your customers drive away thrilled with a perfectly detailed car.

– Ivan Petrov, Owner Olivewood Auto Detailing