Superior Detailing with GLARE®

We detail your car with proprietary GLARE® products, which contain Glassplexin®, exclusively formulated to prepare, polish, seal, and protect your car’s paint finish in one, non-renewable application. Glassplexin® is an exclusive paint sealant that flows like liquid glass, penetrating an sealing your car’s paint surface leaving an ultra high gloss finish.

Blending into the paint, rather than just remaining on the surface, GLARE® Professional Polish fills in tiny valleys of pinpoint paint pores, hairline cracks and crevices, smoothing out spots where grime clings and corrosion begins, while leaving a glassy, silky smooth, but rock hard finish.

GLARE® Professional Polish also protects against ultra violet rays, blocks out corrosion, magnifies paint luster, repels foreign matter, and  won’t crack, fad, peel, or fall off.

Our Services

Car Detailing Interior

Interior Auto Detailing

Interior vacuum and shampoo. Latest steam technology. Revolutionary. Environmentally Friendly. Remove dirt, stains, grease, odours, contaminants quickly and effectively!

Exterior Auto Detailing with GLARE

Exterior Auto Detailing

Hand wash, polishing with GLARE®, buffing, waxing, and more. Protect your vehicle from the elements, preserve your paint job, and provide a professional impression.

Engine Cleaning

Engine Detailing

Engine Detailing to prevent corrosion and rust, improve air circulation, extend engine life, and improve safety. Regular engine detailing is a great investment towards the resale value and longevity of your car.