GLARE Advanced


Glare Advanced 7 Year Paint Sealant – 32 oz Bottle (One Quart)

GLARE Advanced is a top-tier, high-gloss polish and sealant designed for professionals in dealerships, custom painting, vehicle building, and detailing worldwide. Lasting up to 7 years, it ensures remarkable finishes that outshine others, boasting exceptional gloss, depth, wetness, color richness, clarity, and reflection. Professionals rely on this non-stick, all-weather, all-temperature product to stand out at high-profile events and exceed customer expectations. Its results are truly off the charts, offering a rock-hard finish that surpasses all other polishes, waxes, coatings, and sealants.

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The ultimate Professional Grade Ultra High Gloss Polish and Sealant, GLARE Advanced takes all the benefits of GLARE+ Professional Polish to the next level. Developed for dealerships and detailers worldwide, GLARE Advanced can be used by itself or can be used with any of the GLARE product line.

Contains the highest concentration of Glassplexin in the GLARE product line.

Does not contain: Waxes, polymers, silicone, acrylic, resins, SiO2, Teflon, or Graphene.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 6 in


Thoroughly wash and dry vehicle before applying any products to its exterior. Failure to do so may result in scratches to the paint due to dirt being buffed into the paint. Do not use household soaps or detergents. We recommend using GLARE Ultra Wash which is safe on all vehicles’s finishes.


First Application:

In this step you will be using a high speed machine buffer with a foam polishing pad for the initial application of GLARE Advanced. (We recommend using the glare Hurricane Variable Professional Buffer together with the GLARE Hurricane Step #4 White Polishing Pad.)

Apply a small amount of Glare Advance Sealant at a time directly to cool, clean, dry surface. (Remember that Glare Advanced is more concentrated than GLARE Professional Polish so use less).

Buff the product into the paint with the machine buffer using a smooth fluid motion, according to the Glare Hurricane Buffing Pad instructions, until all the product disappears into the paint and visible high gloss begins to appear (start on a low speed setting and slowly your way work up to higher speeds (do not exceed 2000 RPS’s). This step will ensure that the product bonds to the paint from deep within.

Excessive oxidation levels, severely damaged surfaces, and deep scratches may require to substitute Glare Advanced with Glare Knock-Out, Glare Micro-Finish, or Glare Spider depending on the condition of the paint, again please refer to the Glare Hurricane Professional Buffing Pad instructions.

Second Application:

This application is called the GLARE Coat and the absolute final application to seal the paint. Using an orbital buffer with a clean micro-fiber bonnet, or by hand with clean dry micro-fiber cloth, (We recommend using GLARE Micro-Fiber Cloths which are soft and do not scratch like regular terry cloths) spread a small amount of GLARE Advanced over entire vehicle (windows, headlights, and break lenses, and chrome included). This time do not buff the product into the paint until it disappears, rather spread a thin coat and allow it to dry to haze (about 10 minutes).  After the product is dry to the touch, buff off all excess product, turning the cloth to a clean side frequently. If streaking occurs, too much product has been used, or water was present on the vehicle. Streaking will disappear after the first wash.

Surfaces that have already been treated with GLARE Advanced need follow second application only. A renewal coat should be applied within 84 months. Remove damage causing substances as soon a possible. GLARE Advanced can be removed with Glare Knock-Out Compound.


Do not apply GLARE Advanced to vinyl, leather, cloth, or any soft or porous materials. If product accidentally stains any of these types of surfaces, simply rub off with a soft cloth or use a soft brush for deeper crevices.