GLARE Rapid Action Spray


GLARE Rapid Action Spray (16 oz. bottle)

Ultimate protection for Cars, Planes, Boats, Motorcycles, Fiberglass, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Carbon Graphite & Polished Aluminum. Now in a convinient and easy to use spray formula. Contains Glassplexin and lasts up to six months. Bonds molecularly to your paint. The most exciting polish ever developed. Beyond 22nd century technology.

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GLARE Rapid Action is an advanced spray polish designed for swift results, boasting a durability of up to 6 months and a multitude of applications. This versatile solution serves as a swift polish for vehicle surfaces following a wash, instantly revitalizing treated surfaces with GLARE’s signature brilliance and protection. Additionally, it proves highly effective on windshields and glass, cleansing and enhancing their clarity while promoting water repellency.


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Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 8 in