GLARE Spider


GLARE Spider (12 oz. Bottle)

GLARE Spider with Glassplexin® is a highly advanced swirl remover. Its unique chemical process, utilizing ultra-pure metal interlinked fusion to Glassplexin particles, physically and chemically eliminates circular swirls and spider webs from paint, including on black surfaces even under direct sunlight. This technologically advanced solution isn’t a mere cover-up product; it permanently corrects 99% of swirls caused by automated car washes, hard water, dust, and dirt. GLARE SPIDER handles even the heaviest swirls effectively and should be followed by GLARE MICRO-FINISH or GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH for optimal results. Moreover, it excels on plastic surfaces as well, showcasing its impressive versatility.

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GLARE SPIDER with Glassplexin is the most advanced swirl removing product ever created. Utilizing a unique chemical process of ultra pure metal interlinked fusion to Glassplexin particles, GLARE SPIDER will physically and chemically remove circular swirls and the appearance of spider webs in the paint, including on black paint even when viewed in direct sunlight.

GLARE SPIDER is not a cover up product, but a technologically advanced swirl removal solution that will permanently correct 99% of the swirls that appear in your paint which are caused by automated carwashes, hard water, dust, and dirt. Unlike other products that are sold as swirl remover products, GLARE SPIDER actually works and does exactly what the label says it will do. GLARE SPIDER will correct even the heaviest level of swirls and should always be followed with an application of GLARE MICRO-FINISH or GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH. GLARE SPIDER has been designed to also work excellently on plastic too! Truly Beyond 22nd Century Technology!



Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 7 in

Application of GLARE Spider

Thoroughly wash and dry vehicle before applying any products to its exterior. Failure to do so may result in scratches to the paint due to dirt being buffed into the paint. Do not use household soaps or detergents. We recommend using GLARE Ultra Wash which is safe on all vehicles’s finishes.


Apply a small amount of GLARE Spider directly on a cool clean dry surface. GLARE Spider can be applied by hand or machine buffer. We recommend you use a clean terry cloth applicator pad or foam pad.

  1. Buff in Glare Spider until it disappears into the painted surface. Watch to see the scratches and swirl marks dissolve.
  2. Then apply a second coat and let it dry in a haze without rubbing in the product all the way.
  3. Finally buff off with a clean dry cloth until you see a high gloss shine.

Follow with GLARE Professional Polish with Glassplexin as your final finish for spectacular results.